Who are we

Thermiafred® is a family-run business with professional staff that are highly trained to ensure that they are fully capable of carrying out all of their tasks.

Located in Sant Joan Despí, in October 2015 we moved to a new warehouse with 1800m2 of workshop space and 450 m2 of offices.

Our Mission

Thermiafred® was created to meet the need for innovation and investment in refrigeration applications in various industrial and food processes.

Its main activities are: new installations, technical support and maintenance services in the field of installation and maintenance of refrigeration services, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and catering refrigeration, together with any relevant or necessary authorizations, as well as air conditioning and ventilation. In order to provide a complete service, various energy saving systems and new technologies have been developed.

Our target audience includes everything from large companies or multinational companies to small businesses and medium-sized grocery chains.

Our geographical scope of action in recent years has expanded to cover the entire Iberian peninsula.


Our presence in the sector is becoming more noticeable day by day. We have a good reputation as a company that provides effective and high-quality services. Broadening our target audience makes it possible for us to grow within our fields of activity.

The constant training of our staff allows us to continue growing in industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.

In recent years, our areas of activity have grown along with our structure, technical and human resources and our capacity has also increased, enabling us to expand to cover a wider geographical area, which is the reason for the results we have had so far.


The values ​that define the personality of our company are:

  • Coordination and the proper execution of projects.
  • Efficiency and quality.
  • Quick and professional response.
  • Safety whilst carrying out our activities.
  • Continuously updating the training and preparation of staff.
  • Solutions for energy savings.


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Thermiafred® sponsors the Mini Handball meeting organized by Sant Joan Despí Handball Club. With more than 600 boys and girls in a total of 56 teams in three different age categories, both male and female.

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