At Thermiafred© we are delighted to offer our customers personalized advice based on our experience and knowledge related to any of the projects we undertake.

Installation and Assembly

We offer the best guarantees in industrial refrigeration installations, catering refrigeration and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, soundproofing and energy saving thanks to the capacity and training of our installers.

Technical Support

For the control and proper operation of the installations, we provide a technical support service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 360 days a year to our customers that contract annual maintenance.

Technical Department

The Thermiafred© team carries out the study and legalization of each of the installations to ensure the safety of our actions in all industrial areas.


At Thermiafred© we are very aware of the value of research and development, so we keep up-to-date with new technologies applicable to our industry in order to be able to offer the best options to our customers.

Energy Saving

We continuously learn about energy savings systems, going to trade shows and conferences throughout Europe. This enables us to provide the best solutions for each case and each customer.

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